Music Teaching

piano on the stage

Our passion for music defines, drives and permeates everything we do. This aesthetic is so ingrained in the whole cultural legacy in Russia, where I was born, that almost all children there are exposed to music education from very early age, both in the school setting and at their home. After receiving my academic training first at Kharkiv and then at Moscow State Conservatories, I have launched my career as a concert pianist and a piano professor at the age of 18. With over 50 years of experience in both performance and teaching, I am happy to provide students of any level and age with a customized training that would accommodate their individual needs and abilities.

My method is founded on the esteemed Russian piano school, that has been prominent worldwide for over one hundred and fifty years. After opening the first conservatory in Russia in 1862, the music training approach in Russia has gradually built a very strong teaching philosophy over the years. In this highly developed system, that leads students on their journey of music education, everything is based on sound perception, imagination and step-by-step guided learning, so that an individual student can gradually become self-sufficient. Russia is famous for having produced many great virtuoso pianists. The common myth is that Russian students are spending all their time practicing technical drills, but there is much more to the Russian music system. It teaches HOW to practice correctly without becoming a hammering machine, HOW to absorb huge volume of musical information, HOW to make sure that the notes and fingers are just the tools to express one’s emotional perception of the world around. One of the key achievements of this approach lies in the overall development of the student’s mind, because both perception and musical expression are directly based on their knowledge and personal emotional and intellectual richness. Conversely, the opposite is true as well - consistent study of classical music is known to broaden one’s horizon and provide higher viewpoints.

I believe that everybody should study music because it is the best way to enhance brain development and express emotions, while bringing joy to other people. There are many proven cognitive benefits associated with learning to play a piano, such as improved math and language skills, strengthened hand-eye-ear coordination and increased creativity. Piano performance is also a great and challenging professional field. I have taught hundreds of students and saw many of them go on to become excellent professional pianists and teachers.

Student Awards and Honors

My students have won numerous prizes at international piano competitions and performed with orchestras such as The Kyiv State Symphony Orchestra,
Kharkiv Philharmonic; Lugansk Philharmonic; The Moscow Philharmonic, The St. Petersburg Philharmonic, The Moscow Virtuosi, The Israel Philharmonic,
L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, Netherland Symphony Orchestra; Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra; Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra; Kentucky Symphony Orchestra,
Russian Chamber Orchestra of San Francisco; Minnesota Sinfonia; Jefferson Symphony Orchestra; Shanghai Philharmonic; The Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Major student awards and honors included:

  • 2000 First prize, Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey International Piano Competition, Bathurst New Brunswick, Canada

  • 2004 First prize, Corpus Christi International Piano Competition, USA

  • 2004 First prize, International Piano Competition for Young Musicians, Enschede, Netherland

  • 2005 First prize, Louisiana International Piano Competition, USA

  • 2004 First prize, Jefferson Symphony Young Pianist Competition, USA

  • 2005 First prize, Svyato Muz International Piano Competition, Lugansk, Ukraine

  • 2005 Second prize, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) - Steinway & Sons Young Artist Piano Competition, USA

  • 2009 Piano Recitals in Carnegie Hall, New York, USA

  • 2012 The Title of Young Steinway Artist, USA

  • 2016 Chopin Foundation Scholarship, USA