Music Reviews

student letter

*** Reviews from Students ***

“I am much closer to an understanding of what you mean by relying on hearing instead of thinking so much about the mechanics. And it's exciting to have finally reached that point of understanding if not 100% ability to execute. I am looking forward to more study with you in the months and years ahead.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your time and wisdom you have given. Because of you, I hear music in a new way. You have been an inspiration to us all and you have opened our horizons musically.”

“There is no way to adequately thank you for all you have done for me. You've profoundly changed my perception of how to play the piano and that is really what matters… I'm so grateful to you for that.”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to perform the Brahms today. I have enjoyed the lessons with you so very much over the past few months. I've realized a great deal more during the process of working on the Brahms with you about how often I make unnecessary moves and exert unnecessary energy. I am learning how to just listen and trust! I can see that piano playing can be so much easier when you change your perception from how the fingers must work to what you hear. You have helped me reach sharper insights with our lessons on the Brahms.”

“I also wanted to say thank you, a deep thank you, for having given me the opportunity to be your student, with time, I realize the crucial role you played in my piano studies, you were one of the most important piano teachers in my life. You taught me the true path.”

“Your love for music and for creating it has truly been inspirational to us all.”

“You have been such an inspiration in my life. These five years studying with you at NKU have gone by so fast, but I am taking away so much more than I ever imagined could be possible. I have learned so much from you, and cannot wait to see what the future holds. You have planted a seed of motivation and passion for music in me, and I hope to one day play like you. Before coming to NKU, I never thought I would have the ability to achieve the things that I have or the drive to become a true pianist. Under your guidance I have developed such deep love for music, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You have been the greatest teacher I could have asked for. Thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself. ”

“I can’t express in words how thankful I am that you took me as one of your students. In just 5 months, I have gained much knowledge about music and life, and every day I am continually inspired.”

“I was transfixed by your performance of the 4th Ballade. Bravo, over and again, bravo. I have heard that others were also transported away by the Beethoven Sonata.”

*** Reviews from Music Professionals ***

“I have spent much time searching, as many well-educated and mature pianists do, for a systematic approach to certain enigmatic problems of playing the instrument. Mr. Polusmiak has generously provided solutions that contributed immeasurably to my skills as a performer and chamber musician and have increased my effectiveness as a teacher as well.”

“Your interpretations are always thoughtful, and they always achieve a powerful emotional impact.There are skilled technicians who play the notes well but offer little music. By contrast, you bring a stunning technique to the service of musical expression, with the result that your performances create both intellectual satisfaction and strong feeling.”

“He is a man of tremendous talent, passion for music and people, and an inner personal strength that brought him into the hearts of all who worked with him.”

“It is a great privilege to work with a person of such artistry, integrity and passion for music and teaching.”

“The combination of your artistry and personal talents is truly rare.”

*** Reviews from the Media ***

“With Polusmiak’s performance of Liszt/Wagner’s “Liebestod,” the theme of love swelled to huge proportions. His playing evoked not just an orchestra, but a Wagner orchestra in all its power and might. It was easy to get caught up in the music as Polusmiak carried it forward toward the climax , a shattering one, capped by a soft, luminous ending.” - Music in Cincinnati

“Polusmiak’s heat threatened to overwhelm the opening Beethoven, which was nevertheless thrillingly dramatic. What a contrast between the ominous beginning, with its fluttery trills, surging lines and sudden dynamic shifts and the relaxed, enveloping warmth of the lyrical second theme.” - Music in Cincinnati

“BRAVO!!!!! What an amazing performance! What an amazing night! To say that your performance was breathtaking would be an understatement. Thank you so much for such an extraordinary performance. It was truly spectacular. You are a dear and wonderful person to do this for Mayfield and we are truly grateful.” - Mayfield Education and Research Foundation

“The pianist Sergei Polusmiak has been invited several consecutive years to participate at the Festival en Cevennes event…Even more: he was actually the only pianist able to give some of the concerts…” - Festival en Cevennes, France